Automate Your Firm

Work Less. Produce More. Decrease Stress.

Automated User Generated Forms

It's quick and easy to turn your existing legal forms into Groundswell forms.

Included Forms Library

Groundswell comes pre-loaded with more than 100 legal forms prepared by our staff of practicing attorneys.

Turbocharge Your Checklists

Use your existing checklists to assign tasks and deadlines to anyone in your organization.

Seamless Collaboration

You will always know who is responsible for what, when it's due, and how much time is spent on it.

Meaningful Analytics

Track your effective hourly rates, budget-versus-actual performance, user productivity, and more.


Send invoices by email and allow your clients to pay with a credit card online.

Groundswell works with the tools you already use.

What clients say

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

"We were fortunate enough to test the Groundswell product during development. It was immediately apparent how it could be leveraged to improve our processes and efficiency and as a result, we saw rapid widespread staff adoption. The customer service experience and responsiveness of the development team to our questions and comments was fantastic. If you have an opportunity to purchase this product for your business, I would recommend it completely."

Mike Ivan

Mike Ivan

Attorney of Law

"I can truly say Groundswell has transformed my estate planning law practice and I am pleased to endorse it. The system is intuitive, powerful, and robust. For over 20 years, I have struggled in keeping up with the demands and pressures of a growing book of business and delivering my services in an efficient manner. Finally, without a compromise in quality or my personal brand, I am able to scale my practice into a viable business with all the custom variations I desire. Thank you for the solution."

 Brett Hastings, Esq.

Brett Hastings, Esq.

Accident & Injury Trial Lawyer

"Groundswell isn't a help or a luxury for a personal injury practice it is an absolute necessity. Simply put it helps to make sure that you never lose sight of the forest through the trees. Groundswell ensures that the maximum amount of case advancement takes place with the minimum amount of effort. As every plaintiff lawyer knows a PI practice has to be efficient since we don't get paid by the hour. Groundswell is invaluable in making sure that cases stay on track and nothing falls through the cracks. Groundswell has helped my PI practice get better results for my clients sooner and has paid for itself."

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